: Past Events :

Lecture on Safe Handling of 1,3-Butadiene on 28th July 2016.

a) Overview about Butadiene
b) Hazards from Butadiene
c) About Popcorn Polymers
d) Piping for Butadiene Services
e) Instrumentation for Storage Tanks
f) Emergency Response

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a) Overview of Chlorine
b) Associated Hazards
c) Characteristics of Chlorine
d) Safety in Safe Storage of Tonners / Cylinders
e) Precautions in Consumption
f) Material of Construction – Chlorine
g) Maintenance of Chlorine lines
h) Safety Equipment in Handling Chlorine
i) Chlorine Neutralization System
j) Medical Management with Chlorine
k) Emergencies and Actions
l) Video films (if time permits)

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a) What is Process Safety and why is it important?
b) Holistic Approach to Process Safety Management
c) Hazard Identification (HAZID) study
d) Consequence Modelling Assessment (Fire, Gas Dispersion and Explosion Analysis)
e) Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) study
f) Human Factor Engineering (HFE)
g) Bow-Tie Analysis
h) HAZOP study
i) SIL study
j) Concept of ALARP
k) Technical Videos / Quiz

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National seminar on "Instrumentation 2020: Emerging Technologies and Application for Process Industries" on 23rd May 2015.

The seminar introduces some recent developments amd innovations in field of intrumentation and process control. Some of the important topics to be covered are: i) Pervasive Sensing for Smart Plant with Greener Future. ii) Licensor requirement for DCS Graphics. iii) Advanced F&G control in progress.

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One day seminar on "Proactive Safety Measures in Chemical Industries" on 25th October 2013.

Considering the importance of pro-active safety approach, Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, Baroda Regional Center (IICh.E – BRC) have arranged a one day national seminar on “Proactive Safety Measures in Chemical Industries” in association with Directorate of Industrial Safety & Health (DISH), Government of Gujarat on 25th Oct.’13 at Vadodara.

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One day seminar on "Corrosion Causes & Control" on 9th March 2013.

Corrosion affect all industrial sectors including chemical and petrochemical industry, mining amd minerals processing, paper and pulping operations and food handling,processing and distribution of water, power plant, corrosion has a sigificant impact on economy, including infrastructure...

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National Seminar on "Process Safety Management in Industries" on 4th August 2012.

Safety Management has currently moved on from mere regulatory compliance requiremnets to proactive approach to prevent process safety incidents.In the recent times organizations have also realized that it is essential to establish robust process safety culture and systems to sustain their business...

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IIChE BRC cordially invites you to the fifth " Prof. N Subrahmanyam Oration in Chemical Engineering" on 7th April 2012.

By Ashok Panjwani
Executive Director
United Phosphorous Ltd.
"Indian Chemical Industry at cross-roads"

An annual lecture titled " PROF. N SUBRAHMANYAM ORATION IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING" was instituted by the Baroda Regional Centre of the IIChE to mark the superannuation of Prof. N Subrahmanyam at the M.S.U. in 2004. A Corpus fund of Rs. 2 Lakhs was created for the activity. Under this lecture series, lectures were delivered by Dr. A N. Dravid(Jacobs), Prof. K. S. Gandhi(IISc), Prof. G. D. Yadav (ICT) and S. Ganapati(R.I.L.) earlier...

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National Seminar on "Catalysis for Sustainable Development" on 27th & 28th January 2012.

Catalysis ia an important scientific and technological area for the development of environmentally freindly chemical process, and fundamental to process optimization, waste reduction and pollution prevention....

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Major Seminars / Symposia / Conferences conducted by the Centre since its inception are as follows:

Year Topic
2006-07 Nanotechnology Perspectives & Prospects
Safety Beyond Statutes
2005-06 Advances in Catalysis Sciences & Technology
Advances in Pump Technology
2004-05 Advances in Industrial Catalysis
2003-04 Safety Management in Chemical Industries
2002-03 Plastic Piping Systems in Industry
2001-02 Project Management: Concept to Commissioning
2000-01 Chemical Process Safety
Safety in tank farm
1999-2000 Trends in Industrial Catalysis
Process Safety in the Chemical Industry
1998-99 Distillation
1996-97 Management of Hazards in Chemical Industries
Advances in the Chlor-Alkali Industry
1995-96 Energy Conservation in Industry
Convention of Senior Chemical Engineering Students of Gujarat.
1994-95 ISO 9000 for Chemical Industry
1993-94 Process Modeling and Simulation
Case Studies on Waste Management in Chemical Industries
1992-93 Petrochemicals-Emerging Technologies-1992
Design and Operation of Heat Transfer Systems
1991-92 Cooling Tower Systems and Treatment Methodologies
Project Management
1990-91 Case Studies in Energy Conservation
1989-90 Disaster Management in Industry
1988-89 Indian Chemical Engineering Congress-1988 and 41st Annual session of the IIChE.
1987-88 Membrane Cell Technology
1985-86 Hazards in Chemical Industry, Technology, Prevention and Remedies
1984-85 Chemical Industry in Gujarat Growth and Potential
Case Studies: Process & Equipment Design
1977-78 Ion-Exchange Resins & Their Industrial Applications