Indian Institute Of Chemical Engineers is a confluence of streams of professionals from academia, research institute and industry. It provides them the appropriate forum for joint endeavors, hand-in-hand, to work for human being through application of chemical engineering and allied sciences. If you are interested about, attached to or involved in chemical engineering related activities – whether as a student as a seasoned professional - you shall find the programme of IICHE immensely beneficial, opening up doors of new possibilities and existing possibilities

: Vision Statement :

The Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers will provide a platform to Indian Chemical & Allied Industry, Academia & Research for continuous education, professional excellence, networking and attaining global recognition.

The Institute will carve a global niche in the field of Chemical Engineering as an institution par excellence and devise mechanisms for innovation and the logical culmination of path-breaking ideas.

The Institute will catalyse an alliance between the government, industry, academia & research to enthuse & invigorate the young and experienced.

The Institute will continuously strive for the progress and well-being of the fraternity, the profession of chemical engineering, a clean environment and the overall betterment of our society.