IIChE Baroda Regional Centre

The Baroda chapter of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE - BRC) is located in the Large Scale Chemical Industry hub & Cultural City of Gujarat. Baroda enjoys presence of major chemical complexes like IPCL, GSFC, IOCL, GACL and also Engineering majors like Larsen & Toubro, Jacobs H&G, Linde Process Technology and many more.

The IIChE - Baroda Regional Centre was founded in year 1975 with Shri K.T. Doctor as the Ad-hoc President with a view to bring together chemical engineers working in this area and to promote chemical engineering related discussions, seminars, training programs etc. The First Annual General Meeting was held in Dec. 1976. Since then, the following presided over the destinies of the Centre.

Year Chairman Hon. Secretary
1976-79 J.J. Mehta S.Moinuddin
1979-82 J.J. Mehta Dr. M.H. Divekar
1982-84 R.Sethuraman S.P.Dabke
1984-87 K.N. Venkatasubramanian K. Ethirajulu
1987-90 S.P. Srivastava Vasdev Singh
1990-91 A.K. Dasgupta B.D. Doshi
1991-92 A.K. Dasgupta A.G. Telpande
1992-93 A.K. Dasgupta N. M. Surana
1993-94 Dr. M.K. Ghosh N. M. Surana
1994-95 Dr. M.K. Ghosh Dr. R. Sengupta
1995-99 M.R. Padh N. M. Surana
1999-2001 P. S. Rao N. M. Surana
2001-2002 B. K. Mukherjee N. M. Surana
2003-2006 M. Habibulla N. M. Surana
2007-2011 P. Vijayraghavan N. M. Surana / Bhavin Patel
2012-2013 P. Sur N. M. Surana
2013-14 K. Sudhakar Nikhil Tonapi

The following members of the Centre were elected to the National Governing Council of the IIChE for the years mentioned:

1985/86/87 Prof. N. Subrahmanyam
1988/89/90 Dr. S. Ganguly
K.N. Venkatasubramanian
1988/89/90 Dr. K.S. Rao
Dr. M.K. Ghosh
1991/92/93 A.K. Dasgupta
Prof. N. Subrahmanyam
Prof. K. Ethirjulu
1995/96/97 Dr. M.K. Ghosh
P.I. Bhuva
1997/98/99 Prof. N. Subrahmanyam
2002/03/04 Prof. N. Subrahmanyam
1999/02/04 Mr. N. M. Surana
2002/04 Mr. D. M. Butala
2002/04 Dr. R. C. Dixit

The following members of the Centre were elected as the office-bearers of the IIChE in the past:

Year Name Designation
1985 & 1999 Pro. N. Subrahmanyam Hon. Registrar & President
1985 & 1989 K.N. Venkatasubramanian Vice-President
1990 K.N. Venkatasubramanian President
1992-93 Prof. K. Ethirajulu Hon. Registrar
2004 D.M. Butala Vice President

The Centre started coaching classes for candidates appearing for the AMIIChE examinations in 1994. Nearly 10 candidates took advantage of the facility. In 1995, the Centre had undertaken the job on contract basis for coaching 25 IPCL employees for the AMIIChE examinations in all the subjects. The programme concluded in 1997 August. Further to this every year at least two to three candidates from various industries in and around Gujarat as well as other states have been regularly appearing for this exam. Besides this Centre had conducted Short-term courses on "Chemical Engineering for non-Chemical engineers" for various industrial participants. The centre also organizes industrial visits to chemical, petrochemical & dairy industries in and around Baroda for its members along with their families on a routine basis.

The Centre's office at 605, Ivory Terrace, R.C. Dutt Road, Baroda-5 was inaugurated on 21st February 1992. Apart from the office room and Board Room, a 50 seater Lecture/Seminar room is also available in the office premises.

The Centre has also established a tradition of honoring outstanding Chemical Engineers in the country. Prof. C. Venkata Rao (Andhra University), Prof. M.M. Sharma (UDCT), Shri J.J. Menta (formerly CMD of IPCL) and A.K. Dasgupta (Deepak Nitrite) were honoured by the Centre.

Recently the centre honoured Prof. N. Subrahmanyam for his invaluable contributions in the area of Industrial Catalysis and instituted a "Gold Medal" for the "Best Chemical Engineering Student" at MS University each year named "Prof. N.Subrahmanyam Gold Medal". The centre also initiated lectures by eminent personalities in Chemical engineering each year named "Prof. N.Subrahmanyam Oration in Chemical Engineering". As the first of such Annual Lecture series the centre invited Dr. A. N. Dravid – Chairman, Jacobs H&G Pvt. Ltd. to render a lecture on 'Evolution of the Indian Chemical Industry from Independence to Twenty First Century' in April 2006.

For the first time in the history of BRC, the centre organized an IT-enabled, online interactive International Seminar on "Nanotechnology : Perspectives and Prospects" on May 25-26, 2006 in association with Mumbai Regional Centre and Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.

The following Seminars / Conferences / Safety talks were conducted in last couple of years:

1. Corrosion Causes and Control.
2. Solid Liquid Separation.
3. Proactive Safety Measures in Process chemical industries.
4. Trends in Design of Process Equipment Internals.
5. Safety talks at various organizations viz. RIL, IOCL, GSFC.
6. Process Safety Management in Industries at GSFC.

Thus Baroda Regional Centre is sustaining its past tempo of activities to cater to the professional needs of the Chemical Engineering fraternity around.